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Smart Prepaid Electric is an electricity service provider that can offer you cheap electricity without any strings attached. You can easily activate an account with just your name, address, a text ready cell and a phone number or email address. There is no credit check or deposits. You do not have to sign any contracts and there are no late fees; just affordable, dependable electricity. It is a pay-as-you-go service and paying is easy with Smart Prepaid Electric. You can pay in person, by phone, online, by mail or with a Smart Card. For cheap, prepaid electricity in Texas, call us today at 877-773-8099.

Smart Prepaid Electric is easy as 1-2-3.

Verify your address has a Smart Meter using promo code PTCWEB.
Give us name and contact information, SMS ready phone and email.
Pick PROMO as payment type and hit submit!

1. Verify your address has a Smart Meter at our sign up page.

2. Give us your name, contact information, SMS ready phone and email. 

3. Load $50 with Credit/Debit card.

    Your service will be on same business day* if need be.

    Smart Prepaid Electric

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    Call Toll Free: 1-877-773-8099

    Call Local: 713-881-8600

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    Ways to keep your electricity costs cheap Minimize
    Published by Smart Prepaid Electric


    In warm weather, energy costs soar. It is hard to watch the electric bill get higher each month as another Houston summer draws close and the temps climb ever higher, but you have to keep your family and yourself cool. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce your usage and help keep costs manageable.

    • Something as inexpensive and easy to change as the filters for your air conditioner can make a difference by keeping the air flowing.
    • Installing a programmable thermostat can cool your house before you get home, without running the AC unit all day.
    • Install fluorescent lighting. Incandescent bulbs are more expensive to operate and give off much more heat. Fluorescents don’t have to be changed as often.
    • Replace older appliances with modern ones that are Energy Star efficient. They are less expensive to use and add up to big savings on your electricity bill.
    • Find a retail electric provider who offers better rates. If you haven’t done so already, shop and compare providers. There's a chance you may find better rates than you are paying now and make those summer days much cooler.

    We asked our best customers what they liked about the service. Here’s what they said!

    “No hassle electricity!”
    W.S., Dallas, TX
    “The nature of prepaid helps me to focus on usage, saving me money!”
    E.S. Waco, TX
    “My account is easily accessible and service is quick!”
    J.U. Houston, TX