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Smart Meter Texas™ (SMT) is a collaborative effort among the following utilities:     

  • AEP Texas Central Company,
  • AEP Texas North Company,                                     
  • CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC,
  • Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC, and
  • Texas-New Mexico Power Company   




SMT is endorsed by The Public Utility Commission of Texas.                                                               

The site stores daily, monthly and 15-minute interval electric usage data recorded by digital electric meters (commonly known as “smart meters”), and provides secure access to that data to customers and authorized market participants (including through the use of a “Green Button”).

In addition to acting as an interface for access to smart meter data, SMT enables secure communications with customer in-home devices, and provides a convenient, easy-to-use process whereby customers can voluntarily authorize market participants other than the customer’s Retail Electric Provider (Third Parties) access to their electric usage information and in-home devices.

By providing timely access to electric usage data and secure communication with in-home devices, SMT enables customers to better manage their energy consumption to lower their monthly electric bills, and benefit from new products and services offered by Retail Electric Providers and Third Parties


What is Smart Meter Texas (SMT)?
Smart Meter Texas allows you to track and review your electric usage in monthly, daily and fifteen minute intervals and have access to meter and premise information.

Do I have to register with SMT?

  • Registration on the SMT website is not required to keep your electricity flowing or to use a Smart Meter.
  • Registration allows you to view and receive your detailed usage data and reports and have access to your meter and premise information.

What is the usage data I see displayed on the SMT website?
Your usage data is your electrical consumption information or, simply put, the amount of electricity you used during a given time period. The SMT website displays your daily electrical usage in fifteen minute intervals. The kilowatt hour (kWh) is the most commonly used unit of measure to explain the amount of electricity consumed over time.

What do I need to know before I register on the SMT website?
To gain access to your usage data and your meter and premise information you must first register on the SMT website. To do this:

  • You will need the Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) and meter number for each Smart Meter that you wish to access.
    • Your ESI ID number is on your confirmation email or welcome letter. Your meter number is on the meter itself. If you cannot access your meter or do not have your ESI ID handy, please see below. 

           Select Residential Account

           Residential account:

  • You may view usage, meter and premise information for your premise and other properties for which you are responsible.

  • Residential customers may designate up to five friends to view your usage information.

I can't find my meter number, what do I do?

Send SPE a request through the customer contact form in MySPE, send an email to, or call us during office hours at 877 773 8099