Blackout Curtains: Keeping Your Energy From Going Out the Window

Now that the weather has reached freezing status, you're probably searching for ways to save energy while keeping your home warm. The energy used to heat a home is expensive and no one wants to sacrifice comfort by turning the thermostat way down to save energy and money. The good news is, you don't necessarily have to. There are ways to save energy without shivering in your home. Utilizing energy-saving blackout curtains can rescue the heat your home is wasting.

Did you know that an average of 10-25% of your thermal energy escapes through your windows? Your home is literally leaking energy out the window! To prevent your heat from becoming an escape artist, trap it inside by insulating your windows. Instead of using outdated techniques such as draft snakes or window insulation film, keep your home warm and save energy by switching to blackout curtains.

Who invented blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains were originally used by the British during World War II to block the escape of indoor light in order to prevent Axis planes from bombing buildings. If a building was visible from overhead, it was more likely to be attacked. The British utilized blackout curtains to help make buildings appear nonexistent. These "blackouts" would span an entire town, keeping it safe from enemies through its lack of aerial visibility. However, blocking light is only one function of this nifty upholstery. Blackout curtains also keep thermal energy where it belongs – inside your home.

Saving energy, one window at a time

Blackout curtains save energy by providing extra insulation. They are like those tacky shrink-wrap window insulators that your grandma used but modern and sleek. You can use these curtains year-round, meaning that in the summer you'll even keep your air conditioning from escaping, saving energy across the calendar.

There are even options for energy consumers who are too in love with their current curtains to let them go. If you can't part with those living room curtains you spent so much time shopping for, you can purchase blackout liners for your existing curtains. You simply hang these blackout liners behind your current window dressings and you'll have all the benefits of blackout curtains without the hassle of matching a new set to keep up your feng-shui.

It's estimated that using blackout curtains can reduce your home heating expenses by up to 25%, allowing you to save energy and money. Not to mention, your home will remain warm and comfortable without the tackiness of cellophane windows or a large tubular item in front of drafty areas.