Intoducing the Electricity Smart Card Minimize
Smart Prepaid Electric is proud to be the first provider to enable electricity service on a Smart Card. This card lets you recharge at any convenient retail location and even enroll at specialized locations. The number on your card is tied directly to your account number so you don’t have to receive bills to stay on top of your service or fill out forms to remit payment.
Step 1: Purchase/Activate your Card
Just pay cash at a participating retail location and your new card gets activated instantly

Step 2: To Start Your Electricity Service
To get your electricity turn on, you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-773-8099 and we will finalize your enrollment or enroll online.

Step 3: To Recharge your Smart Card
  • Recharge your account by paying cash at any participating retail locations
  • Pay by Phone: call our offices at 1-877-773-8099 to pay with credit/debit card