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Imagine an organization that thrives on creative thinking and innovation. A company that is focused on providing simple, convenient and consumer oriented products and services. We're Smart Prepaid Electric, a leading edge company in prepaid electric markets.

Smart Meter technology deployment across Texas makes possible new ways of providing electricity service. Smart Meters allow consumers to monitor their usage and better manage energy costs. Smart Meters also enable new and innovative products and services to consumers. Smart Prepaid Electric came into existence in 2010 to deliver on the promise of Smart Meters and give customers the means of controlling their electricity costs.

Smart Prepaid Electric, based in Houston Texas, is an affiliate of Fulcrum Retail Holdings who also operate Tara Energy LLC and Amigo Energy. Since deregulation of electricity markets in 2002, Tara Energy and Amigo Energy combined have grown to become among the largest independent retail electricity providers in the state of Texas.

To learn more about Smart Meter Technology and its availability in your area, see the principal website created by the state’s utility companies, www.smartmetertexas.com.