How it Works Minimize
Enrollment Step 2. Charge Up Your Account
The online enrollment screen will let you pay with a debit/credit card or let you select from available offline options. Your enrollment will only be processed once payment has been received.
Turn on your Lights Step 4. Track Your Usage
Smart Prepaid Electricity will track your usage daily and adjust your available balance. You can access your usage balance by logging into My Account, sending "balance" via SMS to 713-489-6087 from your registered cell phone or calling our customer service center.
Step 1. Sign Up
Just enroll online or by phone. Our leading edge service requires you to have a Smart Meter. Our online enrollment process will validate if your meter is eligible for the service. Tell us if this is new service and what date you’ll need service, or if you’re switching from another provider. You’ll need your name, a contact phone number that can receive text messages and an email.
Payment Step 3. Processing
We take it from here. We request service from your local utility service provider. Since it’s a smart meter, there is no need to wait for the technician or be on site. The transactions are processed electronically!
Monitor Usage Step 5. Recharge Your Account
Adding more usage to your account is as simple as signing up. You can reload Online, or go to any of our authorized payment centers or Smart Card locations and remit your payment.